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    Friday, January 17, 2003

    Besides being on this blog-writing frenzy, I have also been reading the blogs of many others randomly. I am following some. It is quite fascinating. You will find the most boring people which makes my life look like a party at the Playboy Mansion. I guess that's why we blog. If our lifes were interesting, we'd be too busy living it rather than to sit in front of the computer telling strangers about it.

    There are two kinds of bloggers: The blogger and the blogger wanna-be. Either way you slice it, both categories of bloggers are not going to win social awards anytime soon. The blogger wanna-be, honestly, is just wasting disk space and 80% of their blogs are just mind-numbingly dumb. ("Hello. I saw a frog today!")

    On the flip side, you have the bloggers who find the act of blogging comparable to the act of sex. I think the pyschological term is called a "mind fuck" but don't quote me on that.

    Is the blog the modern day version of the diary or journal? The concept of a journal or diary is to document our thoughts and events for the day. But blogging puts the whole thing on a different level when we choose to have others read it. People who have never kept a journal or diary start to blog. There is no natural progression from paper to an electronic format.

    Why do we blog and tell people about it? And in the same breathe, say that it is private. Perhaps to update our friends on what is going on? Perhaps it is therapy and a form of release. Or perhaps we want to show others what interesting lifes we have. Or how funny we sad we sensitive and deep we are. Or maybe it's the flavour of the month like golf when Tiger Woods was da man or joining the gym or using your sunglasses as a hair accessory while at a club in the middle of the night. Give it a few months and there will be as many dead blogs as there are dead Geocities websites. (And Blogger will probably be part of Yahoo!.)

    But for now, we blog. We want others to see us lose control, speak our mind, and be vunerable but...hey, you can't judge me based on what I write because these are private thoughts!

    In the end, like everything in life, these blogs represent our needs as human beings to communicate and to reach out. As private as our thoughts are, deep down we hope someone reads them and can relate. We hope someone responds and say "Hey! It's OK. I know how you feel! You are not alone." That might be the hidden motivation.

    This literary voyeurism represents how sad we are as human beings and how little we have progressed. In this day of high communications technology, we still rely on a passive medium to communicate. We just can't tell the other person how we feel or what we think. Perhaps we are afraid of judgement and rejection. We want to communicate but we don't want to talk.

    One day soon, someone is going to ask "How are you doing? What's going on in your life?"

    The other person will say, "If you really want to know, check my blog."

    And we wonder why people don't talk anymore.

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