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    Saturday, January 25, 2003

    Five days to the Chinese New Year. Somehow, I've managed to convince myself that my new year's resolution should kick in at the Chinese New Year and not the regular January 1 New Year. While the rule may apply to the rest of the civilised world, it does not apply to me. I'm special that way. Convincing myself was easy largely due to the fact that I've busted most of the resolutions I set out earlier in the year. For the most part of it, I have not even begun to set the ball rolling in order to achieve my goals. And given the deadlines, I do not realistically think I can make it.

    This year, I actually wrote my resolutions down. Well, technically, I typed it into a word processor since I have limited the act of writing to filling out immigration forms when I visit Singapore. It was a three-page document; single-spaced at 10-point font size. So, this is a subtantial document and not some fluff I wrote after watching "Oprah".

    I just reviewed what I wrote and I am ashamed that I'm already backsliding.

    I am sure this is not unique to me alone. There are probably millions out there in the same predicament who are likely to settle in the comfort zone and revert to the old ways. I want to stick to my resolutions but I am not sure how. I figured that there are two ways: I either lower my expectations for change OR I change my environment drastically to force that change. The first option is more comfortable. The latter may blow and suck ass.

    But what I've decided in the few minutes while writing this, I am going to compromise because I am a realist. And by "realist", I don't mean someone who uses the "Real Media Player." I will review my resolutions and fix them for the Chinese New Year. Great! I am all pumped already!

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