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    Monday, January 13, 2003

    Happy new year, my yellow ass! 2003 is turning out to be quite a bust already. It is only 13 days into January and there is so much pain and sadness around. Most of my close friends are in some kind of emotional or relationship rut. I think I am still there. I lost a friend. Had to deal with a death. Had to watch a person deal with suicide. Then there's this whole other parallel universe involving lesbians, and people who think they are lesbians, and then the person who thinks she is not a lesbian turns out to be a guy who now wants a threesome. And a many people dealing with break-ups and post-relationships.

    I have one word to everyone dealing with this: Denial!

    It has seem to work well for me. However, I do not suggest you try that with your bills. I was in denial for a few months. Then I had no electricity at home. But on the other matters, like feelings and emotions, and sometimes on matters pertaining to your job, it might be helpful to subscribe to being in denial.

    This is how I figure. As long as I think things are OK, it will be OK. Isn't that how people become a God? If you think you are a God long enough, you will believe it too. And if you try hard enough, other people will think you are a God too. (Just because you think you are a God, don't try to fly or do some stupid crap like that. Only those who think they are Superman can fly. But don't think you are Superman.)

    Not discount my thinking just yet. Being in denial actually creates an emotional state. And this is an emotional state you can control. For instance, if you have broken up with your girlfriend, you just imagine that she is still your girlfriend and that everything is OK. Then proceed to drink great amounts of hard liquor of your choice until you are happy. See how it works.

    Eventually, you will do this enough that you will forget about your problems. It might largely be attributed to your decaying memory due to excessive alcohol abuse. But hey, just imagine everything is OK and things will be OK.

    This is the kind of crap you write when you miss someone too much. Where's that angel!

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