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    Wednesday, January 22, 2003

    I am in love! Starbucks Girl just took off her cap and let her hair down! It was one of those Ally McBeal moments when all the ambient noise stops and everything is in slow motion. Everything else is a blur, but her. It's just her and the opening music to "Love's Theme" by Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra. She looks amazing! I am coming back here tomorrow to ask her out. If she says "no", I am never coming back here again and will turn to tea at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for consolation.

    I couldn't whip my camera out quick enough and did not want to look like a stalker. So, all I got was a blurred side profile and the back of her head. Any day now, I'll be invited to join "Stalkers Anonymous."

    Yet another fine example of what happens when too much technology falls into the wrong hands.

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