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    Saturday, January 11, 2003

    I am thinking about getting a new phone since mine is acting weird on me. I have always been a fan of Nokia phones for their easy-to-use user interface and operating system. However, I do not like their recent designs. They look more like candy than a functional piece of communications device.

    Now we have phones with colour screens, a mini QWERTY keyboard, a digital camera, a digital assistant, plays MP3, plays audio clips as the ring tone. I will soon miss the days of the annoying but humble monophonic ring tone whenever someone in the cinema leaves his phone on and his cue to pick up the phone is a 30-second clip of Sheena Easton's "Telephone".

    Frankly, all this do not impress me. If the phone manufacturer wants to impress me, design a phone which needs to be recharged only once a year. All I want is a phone. I do not need something that will allow me to launch nuclear warhead while I track my UPS package, remotely flush my toilet at home, and play Snake III at the same time.

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