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    Tuesday, January 14, 2003

    I have not slept in over 48 hours and the walls are starting to talk to me. I've just finished working on music for this beer advertisment. And I expect the client and ad agency to come back to me with changes up the ass since these people really know what they are doing and are very considerate.

    On a totally unrelated topic, I had thought I had very few guy friends and I could not relate to guys. I thought about it and realise that it is not true. I do have guy friends and could relate to them. The problem is that they are hardly around these days. All my close male friends are married. Yes, I am the only single one among my cohorts. And once they strap on that ball-and-chain combo, the dynamics of our friendship changes. We don't hang out much. And when we do, they usually tell me about their problems with the wife and then ask when I'm getting married.

    So, who's left? My female friends, whom are mostly single. That's not entirely a bad deal.

    However, Sue made an interesting observation about me over lunch the other day. She said that I was too nice a guy. What a bitch! Sure, I've heard that one before. It is usually the brush-off a woman gives you just to NOT sleep with you. But not when it is coming from Sue.

    I am too nice. I am sensitive...but not the crying type. I understand and am usually considerate of other people's feelings. I am quite expressive of my thoughts and feelings. In other words, I am an ugly woman with a penis.

    Once I make that connection with a woman, I cease to become a man. And therefore, can no longer be considered as a sex object. We can be on the same bed with her in my arms, and I will hear those five fucking words "It's nice to just hug!" OK. I guess they are just words....and not fucking words since it is anything but that.

    So, as part of my new year's resolution, I intend to be a dick and a total jerk. Look out world!

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