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    Wednesday, January 08, 2003

    I never thought I'd start an entry with these vanilla lines:

    I had dinner with Pam this evening.

    (Hah! And they say I do not have the ability to be boring!)

    People are asking "who is Pam" and why is there a picture of her in my blog.

    I met first met Pam at an event on 26 October 2002. I actually first noticed her on my way out from the restroom. Now, that setup itself is a romantic comedy waiting to happen. So, I was thinking, "Man, she is hot! But that nose ring is kinda scary." Fast forward an hour or so, we are sitting with a large group of musical people having dinner. She was with a friend whom I thought she was dating. The night passes and that's that.

    As fate would have it, I run into Pam a few weeks later at MidValley. We exchanged numbers and we met for breakfast a few days later. Not only did we have breakfast that day, we also did some grocery shopping. Now, that's something I don't normally do on the first date. It's more of a 15th date sorta thing.

    Anyway, we are getting along very well. I am thankful she is here to listen to my whiny crap. I am very thankful that she hasn't smacked me for endlessly having fun with her name. (Pamster. Pamcakes. Pamasonic. Pampers. Pamphlet. Pamelo. Pamolive. Pam Pilot.)

    I somehow relate better to women than to men. It has something to do with the fact that I was mostly raised by my mother and grandmother; not so much by my dad since his job required him to travel too much. So, it is good that I can spend time and talk with her about things and not have to worry about things going further since she has that whole penis embargo thing going on. Which is what I need right now. A dinner buddy. A movie buddy. A PDA-beam buddy.

    Pam is great. She is such a gem and a sweetheart. She writes well and knows how much RAM she has on her PC. And as a bonus, she laughs at my jokes. I am saying nice things because I know she is reading this. :-P

    When I die and I arrive at heaven's gates and the old white shiny guy guarding the gates says I could go back to Earth to the day I were born and I could chose whom I wanted to be born as, I'd say I want to be a bootilicious lipstick lesbian with huge boobs so I can date Pam.

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