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    Saturday, January 18, 2003

    I spent my a good part of my afternoon and the early evening waiting for my next appointment at Starbucks. I had my wireless Internet connection going (with my wireless card I got with Ms X, by the way) and it was like a three-hour orgasm. The Starbucks at Mont' Kiara is special. You will find beautiful people with their notebooks and PDAs surfing the web and going on about their business. It is like a startup garage with power cables running across the coffee shop and people going around looking for a power point. I love that energy.

    I also asked someone out today. Of course, being a new millenium kinda guy, I did it through email and she said "yes". However, right after she said "yes", I recalled why I did not bother asking her out in the first place. We met three years ago at a bookstore, which is a good sign because you would have immediately established the fact that this person can read and probably do simple calculations.

    It has been three years. People change. Let's see how it goes before I do a Chandler Bing and find something to complain about; such as the size of her head or why she has no neck. Neither applies to her. But believe me, my concerns are more realistic and practical. That's another blog altogether.

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