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    Monday, January 27, 2003

    I think I know what "dim sum" really means. It's Chinese for "Parts of the pig we can't sell but we sure as hell are going to overcharge you for it!"

    I had "dim sum" with Jackie this morning. I love "dim sum" but despite the myriad of colourful steamed pork by-products available, I order the same two or three “things” which are the “shu mai” dumplings which has prawns and pork, the “yam balls” which has pork, and the BBQ Pork (“cha siu pau”) which has, you guessed it, pork. In fact, I think even the fish balls have pork.

    I also love how we rationalise that the Chinese tea we drink when we have our “dim sum” will “wash away the oil and fat.” Right.

    And in other news, I am threading on dangerous ground by I blogging this. It might come back to bite me in the ass weeks or months from now if I do end up dating this person. Anyway, I had my date/meeting with Psych Girl later in the afternoon. My greatest fear happened! Her mother was there! But it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

    Psych Mom organises this flea market at Subang Parade and she was there hanging out. Psych Mom was quite understanding by not being in the way. But here’s the story.

    I met Psych Girl at my bookstore about three years ago. I thought she was interesting and was actually quite attracted to her. Then I met her mom who frequents the bookstore as well. She finds out that I was born in the year of the Pig and gets excited. That’s a first. She is a big Feng Shui person. As it turns out, Pigs and Rabbits (that’s Psych Girl’s sign as well as my ex-girlfriend, by the way) are a perfect match and Psych Mom was trying to hook me up with her daughter. Many words crossed my mind including but not limited to the following: Woman, In, Need, Of, and Psychotherapy. Which is ironic since Psych Girl has a Masters degree in Psychology. That was three years ago.

    Today, the parting question from Psych Mom was “When will I have my Pig son-in-law?”

    Whoa Nelly! And they say people change. Pah!

    Anyway, I might ask Psych Girl out again since I am still trying to get over the silent rejection of Starbucks Girl. Maybe she will psychoanalysise me and set me straight.

    Meanwhile, back at the barn, I went shopping at IKEA with Pam again. I should own IKEA stock.

    Now, here’s a question: What is the right pronunciation of “IKEA”?

    Is it “eye-key-ya” or “ee-kay-ya”?

    I’ve heard their radio ads going “ee-kay-ya” but most people pronounce “eye-key-ya.” It is one of those words that people daren’t correct the other person because they don’t really know how it’s pronounced in the first place.

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