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    Thursday, January 16, 2003

    I wonder how many blog entries start with "I had lunch today with....."?

    It is so trite. Instead, I will begin with...

    I had lunch yesterday with Clay at McDonald's at Mont Kiara. Clay is another great breakup buddy because she is very nice and more importantly, she is HOT. She posseses the qualities every superficial man would want in a woman. Since I am deep like the Nile, we are great friends.

    We overdosed on a particular potato product yesterday at McDonald's: The twister fries. That is some tasty potato! Try it. It might not do much to change your life or make you more money, but it will certainly bring out the inner beauty in you.

    So, Clay, world. World, meet Clay.

    By the way people, Clay is Batbabe.

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