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    Tuesday, January 28, 2003

    I wonder what the world would be like if women were the physically stronger sex?

    We live in a man's world. It became a man's world because the criteria for gaining power back in the day was whether you could wrestle a wild boar and bring home its meat. Times have changed but the balance of power of hasn't. In today's environment, I strongly believe that women are the better and stronger sex. Not physically, but better and stronger in dealing with the world today; the world "today" made complicated by men. It has rendered men to be outdated.

    The "man" needs a major upgrade. I am talking about an upgrade more significant than the time you moved from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95. And I still know of some relics from the Stone Age who still thinks the woman's place is in the kitchen when we all know their place is both the kitchen and the bedroom.

    Now with my sexist Stone-Age comment out of my system, let's move on.

    There is really no good reason for a man to exist in today's world of modern technology and knowledge-economies. Women don't even need men to procreate. Well, women still need men. Men are still invited to the party, and at the same time not. For emotional support? A woman is infinitely better at providing emotional support than a man can. It's social conditioning (read: what your mother tells you) that has made us think that a woman needs a man. The only time a woman needs a man is when she is tired, or when she needs help moving.

    Women is wising up too. Recent studies show that divorce rate has gone up 238% in the past five years and 45% of women surveyed prefer to be single. This is up by 85% from the similar study in the previous year. Expect a high of 29 degrees and a low of 23 degrees with a 90% chance of precipitation. Humidity remains at 85%.

    Men are still around because women want them to be around. And we, men are around to make women feel like women and to make the man feel needed. Otherwise, a woman is an emotionally-charged man without a penis. See two women argue over the last pair of shoes on sale and you will see what I mean. All that scene needs is mud or baby oil while the women got at it and the male will be charging admission for the spectacle.

    This may sound strange coming from me, a Type 1 Alpha-Male. I love nothing more than my power tools.

    Imagine living in a world where it's a woman's world.

    Instead of "man and wife", it would be "woman and husband."

    Instead of "Take it like a man", it would be "Take it like a woman."

    Instead of "You go girl"...wait. It would still be "You go girl!" Somethings just never change.

    And there is nothing condescending about it.

    Women couples would rule the world. Everyone would want to be a lesbian. It would naturally be a more feminine world. Feminine, but not girly. Not everything will be in pink. And not every movie will be a chick-flick.

    There would be less corruption. Less political conflicts. There would be more compassion in the world. The harp would be the instrument of choice. And everything would be fat-free. Public toilets will be much cleaner. The world would be safer for children. "Full House" will still be on air. "Sex and the City" will be the longest running show in television history. Laws will be passed that requires a man to go down on a woman for more than 30 minutes before any penetration is allowed to take place, and a blowjob will be nothing more than a drying process you get at the hairdresser's after they wash your hair. Oh yes, PMS will be an acceptable legal defense in court whenever a woman is on trial for killing a man.

    The role of the man will be reduced to being nothing more but workers, or even better, pets. Men get fed and dressed up. Men will be told to get personality implants. And occassionally, if the woman feels like it, the penis gets utilised.

    Sure, in today's world, the man still prevail on top in every field except in the act of giving birth. But for every great male chef, fashion designer, or artist, there is a woman who motivates him. It would then be that “behind every great man is a greater woman.”

    Nature had it right from the start. The human race is a collective. Look at other large collectives such as the ants or bees. It’s the Queen Bee or Queen Ant that rules the colony. And the male ants work. Things get done. Look at the Borg... OK. That’s another thing altogether.

    I think this would be a great idea for a movie.

    Isn’t this great? I, a male, is male-bashing. Don’t you think I am sensitive? If you are impressed and would like to sleep with me, give me a call! (Invitation open to women only. You must not have been a man prior to being a woman. Preferably between the ages of 18-35. You must be hot.)

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