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    Wednesday, January 22, 2003

    It was one of those days when I just did not feel productive.

    So, I had lunch with fellow slacker Sue today. (We slack but we work like dogs as well!) And by "lunch", she means, me going over to her place with food. At least she did not make me get pizza like the last time. It was possibly the worst pizza I've ever seen. There was actually an EGG on the pizza! Yes, some culinary genius at this pizza place cracked open an egg over a pizza before he stuck the thing into the oven. There are certain food/food groups that do not go on a pizza. Eggs are one of them, right up there with fruit and any form of beans.

    Which brings me to my beef with our local interpretation of food. You can only do so much to established configurations of food before you cross that line into adulteration. For instance, a pizza has to be tomato-based with cheese on top. Then add your meats. If you are not a meat eater, just go with a cheese pizza. Don't be putting cuttlefish on a non-tomato base "pizza"! It's not a pizza anymore! I digress.

    Anyway, we eat and watch four episodes of "Sex and the City" on DVD. I might be gay and not know it yet because I really like that show for its excellent writing and photography. The nudity has absolutely nothing to do with it. We kill about three hours and I head out to Planet Hollywood to "show face" at this press conference for Jai, a new singer. TV Woman is with me and introduce her to everyone as my cousin. I am trying to preempt the "Is she your girlfriend" line of questioning. However, I did get one dolt ask me where my "girlfriend" was right in front of TV Woman? He was referring to Ms X which got TV Woman all riled up since Ms X and TV Woman do NOT get along. Open can. Worms everywhere!

    I met up with a lot of old and new friends in the music business. Very kiss-ass kind of crowd. It was quite depressing to hear how badly the music industry is doing. Jai's album has been out for about one month and his single is on the radio charts. And yet, he has only moved shy of a thousand copies. Nora, who is almost like a veteran in the game who used to sell 100,000 copies, have only sold about 5000 units of her new album which she released in September 2002.

    Oh well.

    I meet Pam for dinner and play the role of her shopping buddy. We meet this guy we've been hanging out with. Let's call him G-Man. He has somewhat proven to be a nice and dependable person. The type who will always be there for you. There is a certain innocence in him that adds to his charm. I would not get him to paint the edges of my wall, but give the man a brush and some cleaning chemicals, and he will turn your bathroom into a clean room to make computer chips. Perhaps the twist is that he is discovering his bisexuality. He hasn't opened up to me about it. So, don't tell anyone.

    Anyway, we shop for a vacuum cleaner. It is one of the very few products you buy and you actually want it to suck!

    Not exactly the most exciting thing in the world but at least the company was great. If only you could see us. We are living the setup of a sitcom: A smart-ass straight single guy, a beautiful single lesbian, and an uncertain bisexual male. If you can't see the comedic potential in that, I really can't help you.

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