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    Friday, January 24, 2003

    Mission Aborted! Mission Aborted! I did not ask Starbucks Girl out. Too many people. Lost my nerve. Kinda lost that loving feeling as well. I did however, hang out briefly with a MALE friend. What a breakthrough!

    I think the coming Chinese New Year has something to do with my mood and spirit. I am not looking foward to it at all! I look forward to it in that time momentarily stands still for a few days. It's the only time of the year when Chinese people shuffle their priorities to downgrade doing business to make room for getting drunk and gambling. So I don't have to worry about people breathing down my neck for at least one day.

    As with most single people, it's the loneliest time of the year. I dread seeing relatives. The married ones will ask when I'm getting married. And I will make some lame excuse like "nobody wants me" when what I really want to say is to tell them to go stick a firecracker up their ass. [EDITED]

    And in other news, I got confirmation from Psych Girl for our "meeting" this Sunday. I am not sure whether I can call it a date. It has been almost three years. I don't know if I'll even recognise her. I will reserve comments for now until I see her.

    This weekend is moving day for Pam. I am the assistant logistics engineer. I am quite looking forward to it because I will get to use a power drill when we start setting up her place. There is something very primal about a man and power tools. For me, it's the ability to possibly destroy a perfectly good wall by raping it with a drill bit. I am sure that statement is giving Pam a lot of confidence.

    Bring it on!

    Pictures from left to right: Male friend looking confused, "Where's the 'any key'?"; Lovely Starbucks Girl (back profile); Lovely Starbucks Girl (front profile). (Side note: It is this writer's conclusion that the Canon Ixus 330's shutter speed isn't fast enough for this sort of sleath photography.)

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