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    Sunday, January 26, 2003

    Once again, I've decided that manual labour is not the thing for me. Today's activities reinforced that conclusion. It's Pam's Moving Day. Amazingly, I woke up at 7 am on a Saturday. Which means, I get tired at about noon. It didn't help that I had McDonald's circulating in my system. After 2 pm, I would have gotten so tired that I won't be tired. I would then entered delirium and have no shame. We went out shopping and to eat and shopping. Did I mention we went shopping?

    It's a good thing Pam is a hoot to hang out with.

    To digress a bit because I was going through some of Pam's audio CDs while unpacking, one of my pet peeves were reignited. Here is a message to Chinese people everywhere:

    A music video is not called an MTV. If singer, Karen Mok has a video of her song, it is called a "music video", and not an MTV. I actually see credits for "MTV Director." MTV is a television network, owned by Viacom. In that respect, MTV is like Channel [V]. I will bitch-slap the person who says "Karen Mok has a Channel [V]."

    Repeat after me, "A music video is not an MTV."

    "A music video is not an MTV."

    "A music video is not an MTV."

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