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    Wednesday, January 29, 2003

    Tuesday was such a bust. I did absolutely nothing productive. I sat in front of the PC organising files and customising my desktop. (To say I was not productive is not entirely true since all my MP3s are now properly tagged and file names are renamed to the Universal MP3 File Naming Convention.)

    I think I am burning out. Or is it the Chinese New Year creeping up on me and making me lazy. I am in that mode when my response to everything ends with "...after Chinese New Year can?"

    I got a lot of phone calls today, as well as instant messages just because my name appeared in the newspaper. Once again proves that people only want to be my friend because I know celebrities. When the package looks this good on the outside, nobody cares what's on the inside.

    Funny thing happened today that got me rolling on the floor. Fellow blogger and writer-queen, Xmocha asks me for an interview for one of the magazines she writes for. The magazine is (get ready) "Health & Beauty."

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am the epitome of health and beauty!

    My brief flirting with health and beauty broke the monotony of my day. Xmocha did more for me than she realised.

    I did make a new friend at a late dinner. He managed to tell a 20-minute story which could be told in 3 minutes. Anyone who can do that has a gift. I love gifted people. In this case, imagine watching "Schindler's List" in slow motion. Twice.

    When I got home, things started to roll. I managed to get some work done. It's now 4.58 am and I have to be up and perky in about three hours for a meeting and then for manual labour.

    At least I get to meet my favourite person later in the afternoon.

    (By the way, I declined the interview.)

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