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    Monday, January 27, 2003

    You: Hey! How’s your day so far?

    Me: Funny you should ask. Let me tell you about my day so far. I sent Psych Girl an email to ask her out to dinner tomorrow. I am not sure whether it is a good idea. Maybe I should ask her out for coffee first instead of a full meal. Dinner, at that. I could at least start with lunch. It’s less of a committal should things go south. All things considered, that’s the dullest part of the day.

    I got a haircut. Had to wait about 90 minutes to get one. And within that 90 minutes I managed to catch up on my news and current event as well as set the highest score for “Bejeweled” on my Palm.

    But wait! There’s more!

    I went to Synchrosound to pick up a cheque. Got the cheque and decided to go to the Maybank nearby. On the way there, a fucking dolt backs into the side of my car. I get a lovely dent on my already terribly abused car. I love my car. It is the only thing that has not failed me. I end up arguing with the putz and I miss depositing my cheque since the bank closes at 4pm.

    I go on with my business and drive off after getting some money off the guy. I drive by the Coffee Bean and almost as a reflex, I look in. That’s the Coffee Bean Ms XI and I have spent countless hours together reading or working on my notebook or just plain hanging out. Which is a stretch for me since I am a Starbucks guy.

    Shock horror, I see Ms XI there...alone. Thank God! She might have been waiting for that someone. At least I did not have to see it. Yes, I am in denial. I just drive on. I really wanted to see and her talk with her.

    I drive around the block. I bought her an MNG bag as a gift many months ago. There was something wrong with the zipper and we sent it back to MNG to get is repaired. I just got the fix a few weeks ago and I was not sure whether I wanted to give it to her, let alone how. And this seemed like the perfect reason.

    So I double park, leave the engine running, and walk up to her with the bag. She was surprised to see me. I think there was a moment of speechlessness on her part. Perhaps shock.

    Me: Hi.
    Her: Hi.
    Me: I’ve been wanting to return this to you.
    Her: Oh. Did you go by my house?
    Me: No. I was in the area and I saw you here.
    Her: Have a seat.
    Me: I can’t. The car is running and I better go.
    Her: Yeah. You better go then.
    Me: See ya.
    Her: Bye.
    Me: Bye.
    Her: Bye.
    Me: Later.

    I am not sure but she might have said the last “bye.”

    That 60-seconds of conversation seemed like an eternity. All I could see and hear was her. Everything else was a blur. And sweet Moses, she looked so hot! I am not sure whether I handled the situation well. But I did really wanted to sit and talk with her.

    Whatever the outcome, it would not have been good. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

    I drive home feeling the need to go skydiving without a parachute.

    I call Pam. She comforts. Minutes after we hang up, I get an SMS. Deep down inside, I was hoping that the SMS was from Ms XI. The SMS was from Pam: “Are you OK? Drive carefully.”

    I come home and write this whiny crap! I get an email from Psych Girl:

    Hi - thanks for the invite, but I have an extra class till 7 p.m. & I won't be good company after such a long day. Maybe some other time? It was nice seeing you on Sunday too. Take care. :)

    Now, all I want to do is swallow a lit firecracker.

    For the love of God, please do not ask me if I'm OK if you see me!

    And that’s how my day has been so far. How are things with you?

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