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    Monday, February 10, 2003

    Dear non-paying reader of Yet Another Blog:

    Thank you for the calls I’ve been receiving from some of you to remind me that I’ve not been writing.

    As much as I appreciate it, too many people have been reading my blog. About 50 unique readers a day. Fifty, relative to the visitors to, is a small number. But when you put it in the context 50 people whom I don't know reading about me, it gets disturbingly creepy. Especially if that person was referred to by someone I do know.

    I can see it one day already. I will meet that person, say TV Woman's boyfriend, and he'd go, "Ahhh...I read your blog you emotional basket case. Don't touch me. It might be contagious."

    The shit hit the fan when two of these people turned out to be my sister and my business partner. Imagine the embarrassment. Heaven forbid should Jesus go on-line and discover my excessive use of the f-word in my writing.

    I ponder. Should I make my blog private and only let a selected few access it. Or should I just stop writing about the more personal stuff. Not wanting to deny my fusion of intellect and sarcastic wit to the rest of the world, I am opting for the latter. At the very least, I should at least get laid.

    Let’s face it. My blog isn’t my blog now is it? It’s not about me or my life. It is turning out to be more of a piece of entertainment; like a column. You expect my writing to make you laugh. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about how I feel. Nobody really cares if I’m constipated.

    Therefore, I’ve decided to remove the more personal stuff from my blog and just write useless fluff purely for entertainment purposes with hopes that one day, I will be able to charge you a super low subscription fee of US$9.90 a month just to enjoy my award-winning site. But wait, there’s more. If you sign up today, I will include a free “I Visited The Batdude Site And All I Got Was This Stupid Pop-Up Ad” T-shirt with your subscription. Sign up today!

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