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    Saturday, February 01, 2003

    It’s the first minute of the first day of the Chinese new year.

    The past few days have been quite... I can’t find the words. Finally did some drilling at Pam’s new place on Thursday. That didn’t sound right.

    We drilled holes in the walls so we could have curtains and other things that requires wall support. It was quite the exercise of my manliness handling a possible weapon of destruction. The power drill, the wall, and I were one! The fun does not stop. There’s still more to drill.

    I leave for Melaka on Fri-“tied up all the loose ends”-day. I spent the earlier part of the day running around getting things done. It is amazing how much work I got done in that one day.

    I arrive in Melaka in time for dinner. Dinner was interesting. I get felt up by my dinner date, Melaka Girl.

    Things are slower here. One city-second is equivalent to 5.5 small town-seconds. And the air composition has a higher carbon monoxide content that puts most out-of-towners in a coma. Motor skills are temporarily reduced to eating, sleeping, and channel-surfing.

    This Chinese New Year is probably the worst I’ve experienced so far. Everything looks rather depressed. The people. The weather. I am sure the thing on the minds of everyone is money. We are just going through the motions doing what we have to do just because it is Chinese New Year. I just can’t wait for 2003 to be over. Or for the US to bomb the hell out of Iraq. Just get it over with!

    My cousin, about eight years my junior shows up at the reunion dinner with a beautiful three-month new baby boy. This is the cousin who once stabbed me in my ear with a Q-tip. And he is now a father. It made me question myself and the expected role of the father I am supposed to take.

    I was quite sure everyone in the room were dying to ask me when I’d be getting married and when I’ll start a family. I was all set to blurt out my shocker “I’m gay!” but I didn’t know how to say “homosexual” in Cantonese. And even if I did say “gay” in Cantonese, I did not want grandma to ask what kind of “machinery” I was into. (You gotta know what “gay” is in Cantonese to get that last line.)

    With that fear of opening up that can of worms, I was actually staying away from the baby. Didn’t want my mom to add fuel to the fire.

    “Isn’t the baby cute? Don’t you want one?”

    “Sure mom. I’ll go look for some girl and knock her up just for you. Please allow 9-10 months for delivery.”

    On the flip side, Melaka Girl dropped by in the late afternoon. We flirted and got a little touchy-feely for awhile. I’ve known Melaka Girl for ages. But we hit it off when I got back to Malaysia in 1996. We never got together because she was my sister’s best friend and she was afraid that it might get weird. She got married exactly two years ago. Had a baby girl. Six months after that, she leaves the husband and she will be serving him divorce papers next week.

    Melaka Girl and I have talked about going out. Frankly, I only wanted to go out with her back then because I wanted to get into her pants. She is very cute in a “China” sort of way. Very “healthy”. Sadly, we could not really connect given our vastly different backgrounds. This was almost four-five years ago. She has a child now. That’s the flip side. I don’t think I’d get with her just to get into her pants. Though, dear Lord, she is still hot; mother or not!

    I find the whole situation ironic. My life is full of irony. I wonder if it has anything to do with the supplements of iron tablets I used to take.

    I also have a new love: “American Idol”! That show is a hoot!

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