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    Tuesday, February 18, 2003

    The term blog began from web log. The de facto definition of blog was characterised when some lonely person decided to post his or her daily journal on-line for the world to read. (Although, the original blog was not an on-line journal.) As with most web-based phenomenon (like ICQ and eBay), it was only a matter of time before a business would form based on that idea.

    Blogging gave rise to the concept of personal publishing and the corresponding push-button publishing jargon.

    However, in the personal publishing realm, there’s still tremendous potential in the application of push-button publishing. It goes beyond posting your life story or telling us what you had for dinner.

    John Barger coined the term blog in December 1997.

    Today, 18 February 2003, I would like to introduce the latest in personal publishing.

    I call it Wolumn.

    A wolumn is a web column in the same way a blog is a web log.

    You see where I am going?

    Yes. You heard it here first. Wolumn. Spread the word.

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