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    Sunday, February 02, 2003

    This is my first blog from my PDA. I feel so passionate about this topic, I felt the need to blog it immediately, even if it means having to enter this text painfully using inane strokes on the PDA.

    I will sum up what's consuming me now in five words: I hate the Cheeky Girls.

    I saw their music video for "Touch My Bum". This song is so monumentally stupid and annoying that it makes the "Ketchup Song" sound like one of the lost Lennon/McCartney tracks. The lyrical hook goes like this:

    Touch my bum, This is life

    I feel sorry for these girls because I am sure they are just doing what they're told by their producer who told them they'd be stars if they both shagged him as part of the music production process. It sweetens the vocal cords. I can imagine guys on the street literally touching their bums and then telling them that this is life. Shame.

    For now, I will have to neutralise the effects of listening to the song with a 24-hour audio assault of classical music.

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