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    Wednesday, March 12, 2003

    Here is a lovely footnote to the Great Kettle Burnout. I am thrilled to bits. I bought a new kettle today from Living Quarters at 1-Utama. And what an interesting story it is too.

    The retail price of this kettle is RM109.00. Very pricey no? But it was on sale with a 20% discount. Still pricey. After all, I have already carbonised two kettles from IKEA at RM70 each. But after looking around, I just could not take home those big industrial kettles that look like something my mom has. Heck, I will just buy this and make sure I do not burn it.

    So I go to the check out counter. The cashier asks how much discount the kettle is entitled to. SHE asks ME. I jokingly said “70%” and bless this child, she actually keys in 70% and I get 70% off! I paid RM32.70! When I see that number ringing up, you could see it in my face that I am trying to contain my excitement. Even Pam notices my constipated look.

    Anyway, I pay and leave.

    I bring the kettle home. And amazingly enough, the IKEA kettle’s whistler fits perfectly on my new kettle. (See inset.) Joy!

    Well, that’s that. I will now enjoy my kettle.

    Description: Stainless steel water boiling apparatus with two openings for water inflow and outflow. Built-in whistling mechanism for water temperature alert; preset at 100 degrees Celsius.

    Pros: Withstands heat and holds water flawlessly. Excellent design. Interchangeable whistler.
    Cons: Handle gets hot. Whistler only knows one song/note. Does not do laundry.

    Material:Stainless steel.
    Volume: 1.5 litres.
    Country of origin: Korea.
    Retail price: RM109.00
    Available at Living Quarters, 1-Utama and at Metrojaya stores near you.

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