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    Saturday, March 08, 2003

    I will write for eight minutes. Because in eight minutes, I would have finished downloading all the songs Mackie recommended (songs by Stina Nordenstam). I didn’t bother to even preview the music. I just did a search and clicked on some 15 songs by the singer and when no one was looking, I also clicked on “Atlantis Is Calling” by Modern Talking.

    In less than eight minutes, I can shut down my PC and go to sleep.

    This has been an interesting week for me. When it rains, it pours. I’ve been preparing for this songwriting workshop which will take place in about 10 hours. But before that, I will be interviewed by a Chinese newspaper. That confirms it. I’m moving over to the dark side. I actually regret not being Chinese educated. Though I am sure I will lose the edge in my flaming personality seeing that there is no Mandarin equivalent to the phrase "dumb chicken shit fuck wad." I’m becoming the person I’d never thought I'd be. I am actually considering sending my children to Chinese-medium schools...but that’s another story. I am starting to eat my rice in a bowl with chopsticks. I have more Chinese CDs in my car now than I have English music. I can actually recognise my own name in Chinese characters. (Having the same surname as Karen Mok helps.) It is only a matter of time before I starting saying “I am so boring” or “computer hardwares and softwares” and I want to give myself another first name like "Flacken" or "Peaness."


    In less than 6 minutes, I can shut down my PC and go to sleep.

    But I guess being Chinese isn’t all that bad. Just as long as I don’t downgrade myself from Chinese to Ah Beng. Which reminds me of this one bit Chris Rock did about black people. And I think his thinking applies to Chinese people and other races as well.

    To paraphrase: There are two kinds of Chinese people. There’s Chinese people and then there are Ah Bengs. And everybody hates Ah Bengs...well, except their fellow Ah Bengs.

    Holy crap. Sudden burst of bandwidth Batman. All the songs have been downloaded on to my hard drive illegally without any payment to the record label, artist, or the songwriters.

    On that note, Chinese people are cool. Ah Bengs are not. Moving on.

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