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    Sunday, March 02, 2003

    Just so you know how interesting my life has been, let me share some of the highlights. I flossed and reorganised the contents in my fridge.

    I’ve been working with this one lyricist these past weeks. He was introduced by my publisher via email. And shortly after, he was putting words to my music. I upload my song demos in MP3 format and he’d download them. He writes the words and then emails me the lyrics.

    All this time, I am thinking that this lyricist in the same city I’m in. It turns out that he isn’t. He is from up north, Penang.

    Hang on...I have a point.

    I’ve become one of those people who think Kuala Lumpur is the centre of the universe. It never occurred to me to ask him where he was or where he was from. I never got to know him until I realised it.

    This brings me to an interesting observation about people who live in a city with a Starbucks or McDonald’s. I will get to the Starbucks/McDonald’s qualifier shortly.

    My observation is this. We, and by “we”, I mean, the people considered to be the “generation that will affect the future the most,” have become to full of ourselves because we’ve had it good. Because we have a Starbucks in our neighbourhood, suddenly we want more. We want more than Starbucks and everything else from the land of Starbucks. But we don’t want to leave! We have become so provincial. We all say we’d leave the country if given the chance. I’ll bet my left nut that then most people come to the bridge, they won’t cross it. If they did, they’d use their return ticket in three months because they miss their nasi lemak.

    Of course, I am generalising. All this could be just me. I must be getting old.

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