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    Friday, April 18, 2003

    Once again...I am impressed by the resourcefulness of Malaysians. I am lying.

    This entry would seem to cheapen the whole effort but I guess it showed me to not be too cryptic when I write. I am going to explain this whole "Edward J. Smith" episode to those who have asked who Edward J. Smith is. I am going to explain this in very simple English just so I don't lose you.

    No, I am not going on a trip. No, I did not rip off Edward's blog. No, I am not Edward J. Smith.

    Edward J. Smith is the captain of the Titanic. The Titanic is a really huge luxury ship which sank in 14 April 1912 on its maiden voyage. There was even a movie called "Titanic" made in 1997 to tell this story. Perhaps you have heard of it or even seen it. I thought it would be clever to imagine what the blog of the captain of the Titanic would be like. Silly me. And it coincides with the day the Titanic set sail and the day it sank. It was exactly 101 years ago when the Titanic hit the iceberg at the time of the last Edward J. Smith blog.

    To those who harrassed me about Edward J. Smith: Didn't it occur to you to simply Google "Edward J. Smith"? Only one person "got it" without havng me to explain. C'mon people! Watch more TV!

    If you still do not get it, email me your credit card number or send me US$29.95 and I will send you a special video unlocking the secrets to the "Edward J. Smith Blog". Wait! There's more. If you email now, I will send you an exclusive limited-edition bottle of the sea water in which the Titanic sank in. So real you could almost hear the drowning. Yes! Own a piece of Titanic....sorta.

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