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    Wednesday, May 14, 2003

    Hey people! I shaved my head. For awhile, I was bald. Funny experience. Here are some tips should you want to do the same.

    Remember to apply some kind of alcohol or shaving oil before you shave away. Otherwise your sensitive scalp will hurt like hell when the blade scrapes off an inch of the epidermis. Take it from me, it hurts more than landing on a bicycle without the seat. Then there's the rash and you'll spend the following weeks picking on your scabs. All in all, fun for you and the family.

    Also, when you're done shaving your head and your standing there looking at your likely naked self in the mirror with shaver in hand, resist the temptation of questioning yourself "Should I go all the way?" Believe me, one hairless problem at a time, sparky.

    Besides that, shave away my good man!
    I am one goofy motherfucker!