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    Monday, August 04, 2003

    I'm running out of things to rot. Oh wait...there's my brain still.

    I am tremendously pissed with a certain so-called jazz queen (my ass!). I think it's a general problem with people in this country. They are too closed-minded for something new. And then wonder why things are not happening. It's because you are caught in the dark-ages, you stupid bi-atch.

    "I want pure R&B. All natural instruments. Pure R&B. Something like "One Sweet Day."


    Hey! Guess what jazz queen? You have a can of mushrooms named after you!

    Next time you want soppy crappy shit like the stuff you want me to do, call Ajai! Don't call me unless there's a lot of money involved.

    (Please don't tell her. I still want to work with her and also I don't want to ruin that ever slight possibility that I may get to bone her right after a big bird flies in and swoops me away to a planet named after me.)

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