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    Wednesday, September 17, 2003

    You have certain social responsibilities when you drive.

    One, when you are first at the traffic lights, you have the responsibility to quickly engage into gear and move the fuck on. In fact, given that you are at that privileged spot, you should NOT be in neutral but instead be in gear for immediate take off. Yes! There is nothing more annoying than that one person who takes her time getting into gear and then slowing moving off. MOVE BI-ATCH! THERE ARE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU!

    Second, when you are at a high-density and high-turnover active parking area, and you want to leave, you must quickly get into your car and get the fuck out of your spot so others can park there. You may be holding back traffic because the person who wants your spot is waiting and holding up cars behind him. So, use common sense. Also, don't be going into the car and then decide its time to adjust your rear-view mirror, or to put on more lipstick. Do that when you're driving. Just get your ass into the car and drive off.

    Finally, if you see my car, make way. Stay the hell away from me and give me room. I need my space.


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