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    Friday, October 10, 2003

    It's apparent to me why furniture was invented for boys and men. It is so we can lay our clothes. I have now reduced my IKEA showroom-like living room into a glorified clothes rack. Yet another reason why men need women: To pick up after us or at least tell us so.

    I am actually starting to feel guilty for not being in the living room. I try to visit the couch every other day. Or at least once every three days. Even if it is to look for a pair of shorts I may have left there a few days ago. Now I need more friends to come over and hang out in my living room to keep the furniture company.

    My favourite room is now my work area. I got a wild hair up my butt last weekend and totally rearranged my workspace. I also converted my guest room into a storage and filing room for well, storage and filing. I am so grown-up now. I actually need space for filing.

    Next week will be very interesting. Although I have a cold, I must say my love my life...for now.

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