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    Thursday, November 13, 2003

    Jac and I went to IKEA this evening. She was looking to get a chair for her male parental unit. I was there to help carry the box from the cart into her car. This seemingly blah evening turned out to be somewhat of a revelation.
    I was not planning to get anything at IKEA. But IKEA being one of the weaknesses I have (the other being Low Yat Plaza), I bought a really nice glass container/vase which I was planning to use as a fish err...bowl?
    Anyway, when we get to the chair Jac's looking to buy, we do some price comparisons and calculations. What's RM220 + RM197?
    Believe it or not, my brain exploded! And from the look on Jac's face, I could tell she wasn't doing too hot either.
    But we did get it after awhile. RM462.
    Then I realise. My brain is crapping out on me. I am actually becoming more stoopids.
    I've always pride myself as someone intelligent; one who thinks things through; one who thinks; one who gets the jokes on "Frasier". And there I was, with this constipated look on my face which would make you think I was deciphering some cryptic message in Hebrew from God himself which explains the meaning of life. All I was trying to figure out was how much the chair would cost with the foot stool!
    As common human beings go, I must blame something or someone else but me. I blame technology for making me so dependent on it, and IKEA for not rounding down their prices to the nearest tenth ringgit.
    But fact of the matter is, my brain is getting slow and I am getting too dependent on technology, or in this case, the calculator.
    In fact, just the other day, I caught myself saying, "I don't want to think about it. It is giving me a headache."
    I used to go on my judgement trip on people who make such statements. It's pure denial. It's putting the blinders on the brain because the heart does not want to deal with the consequences.
    I've become one of "them". I've become one of the millions of people Scott Adams makes fun of in his Dilbert cartoons. Get me to understand the concept of the 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. tea-break and I am ready to become a government servant.
    But where does that leave me? I have not addressed my situation of decaying intellect.
    Sigh. All this is giving me a royal ache in the head. I will think about it later.

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