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    Wednesday, November 12, 2003

    This past week has been interesting. Interesting in that I've mostly sat on my ass all day and did nothing. It has been like that for the past two weeks and I must say that the new couch has been broken in.
    Consider some of the things I've done in the past week.
    1. I responded to one of those Nigerian email scams. This time, the seventh wife of a dead African king is trying to withdraw $30 million (US Dollars Thirty Million Only) of her late-husband's money. And she needs my help.
    So now, I have this guy claiming to be the woman's lawyer, calling me. And here I am, playing along. It has been fun irritating the hell out of this guy but I think he is catching on.
    2. I moved blogs. I spent one whole day "playing" with the new site. I can now confirm the relation between how much life that person has based on how much effort he/she puts into his/her website. As one can tell, I have no life.
    3. I shaved my head. I finally used the electric shaver I bought months ago after I first shaved my head. I did it again today. Now I feel so well ventilated. And think of all that cost of shampoo I'd be saving.
    4. I bought plants. Me, a man, bought plants for the apartment.
    5. I have not done anything musical in one week. Not one song. I have customised the crap out of my recording software though.
    6. I watched the "Indiana Jones" trilogy and bonus material.
    7. I bought shoes.
    What's next? A sex-change operation?

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