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    Monday, November 17, 2003

    We Malaysians are a funny lot. We complain, whine, and moan a lot. It could be said for most societies and culture. But somehow I sense Malaysians, and in some ways, Singaporeans, bitch and moan a lot. Just check out any online newsgroups or forums with Malaysians, and you will see the amount of flaming that goes on is enough to BBQ a dinosaur.
    Generally, we are nice to other people, but not to each other.
    Ever noticed how when we find a bug in our food, we just pick it out the bug, put it on the side, go "eeeeuuuuuwwww...gross" to our friends and continue eating? It could be a six-legged bug but you only see four, which means two bug legs are still buried somewhere in your food, and yet we just get on with life.
    Tolerance or just afraid to cause a commotion?
    Or when a friend relates an incident to you.
    FRIEND: My boss is such as ass. He told me stay back. As if I have no life. He think I what? I am a slave ah? Anytime he wants me to work after hours, I have to work. Not like he is paying overtime. Still the same pay, why should I stay back for him? Who the hell does he think he is?
    ME: Sorry to hear that. Did you tell what you just told me to your boss?
    FRIEND: Oh, not really.
    ME: Not really? So, what exactly did you say?
    FRIEND: Err...I told him I'd stay back.
    After all that, we conform because we are too chicken to speak out to those who matters. But amongst our friends, we bitch and moan and talk like we are the shit.
    In light of this revalation, I shall now speak my mind, be opinionated and judgemental about everything, and write what I feel without fear of offending anyone. Heck, I might even put it on the Internet for all to read just to show my conviction on speaking out. What a scary thought.

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