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    Tuesday, December 09, 2003

    The past few days have turned out to be eventful and yet uneventful at the same time.

    First, I finally made up my mind and took the plunge. I got an iPaq last Saturday. I am not sure if I really need a PDA, given my line of work but I love how it looks. I am not to thrilled about Windows CE but I am quite confident Microsoft will continue to make it better. The PalmOS on the other hand, didn't excite me too much.

    Later that day, my grandfather died. Which was ironic because earlier in the day, Pam tells me her grandfather passed away. Sigh.

    So, off I go to Melaka that evening. And I'm still here in Melaka! Basically, we are hanging out at the funeral parlour waiting for the burial. It has been an experience. Let's put it this way. I have mastered the art of sitting around doing nothing.

    Which also brings me to my next observation. I believe the so-called traditions and customs in Chinese funerals are all made up by the people who sell the stuff you need in a Chinese funeral.
    And the traditions. Gosh...the traditions. I'm held up by traditions given that I am the oldest grandson and the son of the oldest son of my grandfather. I feel like I am being prepared for something.

    But the traditions....

    I can't go to parties or "enjoy myself too much" for the next 100 days. Frankly, I welcome this one since I managed to get myself out of a wedding dinner. But it also means, no Chinese New Year for me.

    I am also the reluctant vegetarian for the next five days. I'm in the second day and I'm starting to be like one of those cartoon characters when two of them are floating adrift on a raft in the middle of the ocean. And when I look at someone's pet chicken (they have chickens for pets in Melaka :-), I see it as a roast chicken ready to eat.

    This is also where my definition of what a vegetarian is expands each day.
    And to top it all of, I'm thinking about my plants in KL since no one is watering them.
    The pus-bucket award will go to my notebook catching a virus.

    I guess the plus side was that the whole event was not as sad as I'd expected it to be. Largely because my dad (being the oldest son) was quite cool about it. It was subdued mourning. There were smiles and laughter. My grandfather lived to 84. He died peacefully. We can be thankful for that.

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