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    Wednesday, January 21, 2004

    Chinese New Year's Eve
    It's the eve. Not much action here. Woke up at 1 in the pm. Went to my "grandfather's place" to do the lunch thing. We can't do the reunion thing this year. Bummer.
    I am rather glad for one thing (well, one of many things) this year: KFC has FINALLY decided to have both ORIGINAL and CRISPY & SPICY in the same bucket!

    On my rant side, have you seen Lillian Too on those Astro shorts giving her feng shui crap for the Monkey Year? Is there a more obnoxious woman in the world than Lillian Too? All that money she makes, she should consider getting an image consultant. This is one woman to watch for tips on being socially inept. This woman is one walking sex-repellent.

    Let The Part-Tay Begin
    It seems like it was just a year ago when I was back home in Melaka blogging during the Chinese New Year. Wait a minute. It was a year ago. I was not in a good place and am thankful that I am out of the funk.

    This year, we are not celebrating the Lunar New Year since I am technically still in mourning over my grandfather's passing. So, this year's CNY will be renamed "Blogfest 2004".

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