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    Sunday, January 25, 2004

    Staying Alive
    I've been laying on the couch all day...since noon. It has been almost 8 hours. I've been watching episodes of "Will & Grace" sandwiched between "episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise", all of which I downloaded from the Internet.

    And just a few minutes ago, I ordered a pizza on-line from If I could only get the Internet to open the door and pay the pizza guy when he gets here, I'd be the poster boy for the MSC.

    And later, if I am feeling saucy, I was thinking of going to to pay some bills. And if I had some time, I was thinking of going to

    The Hills Are Alive
    We drive back to KL on Friday night. We would have left earlier but we had this prayer thing for my late-grandfather. Apparently, their spirit returns home (on Earth) on the seventh day (or was it seventh week, or the seventh day on the seventh week.) And my aunt had a creepy story to tell. Granddad did come back.

    A moth visited her one morning. Long story short: A moth flew around the house and landed on some of "his" things and left. I'd admit that her delivery of the story was much more convincing and touching. You had to be there.

    As I was saying, we leave for KL on Friday night after the prayers which by the way, was totally disappointing. I was expecting a big-do with monks and all, and possibly another asthma-attack from all that burning.

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