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    Thursday, January 22, 2004

    This is my public service for the day.

    If you’re in the Cyberjaya area, do not eat at the Island Bar. It is located at Century Square.

    Let me tell you about this place.

    This place is supposed to be an English pub. Kinda looks like it but it isn’t. This is an example of what happens when Malaysians try to look foreign. I imagine the owner, after spending four years in London on a MARA scholarship, decides to come home to Malaysia to open an English pub because he thinks he gets it.

    Anyway, I’m there with a good friend. We both order the “Garden Fresh Salad” to start, “Fish and Chips” for me (actually, the menu stated “Fish and Chip” and hence, I was afraid I was going to survive on only one chip.) and the friend orders the “Vegetable Pie.”

    Firstly, the salad was anything but “garden fresh”. “Fresh” perhaps for a garden after a radiation shower as a result of a nuclear reactor breach from the plant nearby. Nevermind. I will wait for the fish and a chip. Come on…you can’t go wrong, right?

    The waiter brings out my plate before I finish my salad. My first sigh of relief: More than one chip! Unfortunately, they were not “chips” but more like shoestring fries of the McDonald’s variety. And the fish. SIX strips. I actually got them confused with the fries!
    So, it’s actually more like “fish strips and fries” for RM20.

    Being a man of low tolerance to consumer deceit and being that consumers’ rights advocate I am, I return the fish and ask for something else that’s quick to prepare. The waiter suggests the “Homemade burger”.

    The burger arrives.

    Check this out: The home in which the burger was made in was evidently Ramly’s. It took up about 70% of the size of the bun. It had mustard and mayo in it. Those crazy Brits!

    In the words of Jimmy “The Tulip” Tudeski, “Everyone knows the only condiment allowed on a hamburger is Ketchup.”

    To be fair, the manager did gracefully accept my complaint and we were not charged for the “bad” orders. Still, I was expecting the next meal on the house just to get me back in there.

    Having said all that, I kinda did enjoy myself because I got away being a dick. And it was fun in a Jerry Springer sort of way.

    So, don’t go to Island Bar if you want a good meal. However, if you are like me and like to participate in the improvement of customer service in the food service industry, by all means, go to Island Bar. While you’re there, ask that they start serving pork. That place could use some!

    ps to JW: Contrary to what it seems, I did have a good time. It's always the company. :-)

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