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    Saturday, February 14, 2004

    Amazingly enough, I've been blogging (on and off) for over a year now. If that isn't commitment, I don't know what is. I realise that my blog isn't a blog in the original sense; in that it is a personal journal where I write about my day and tell the whole world how much I hate my boss with the excessive use of the word "fuck".

    No, mine is like a regular web site with lots of words.

    Some how along the way, it's no longer hip to say you have a web site. Now, it is "Check out my blog."

    In all fairness, the blog is rather specific. It's like a really large section of the "ABOUT ME" of a web site. It's the one time where the person is expected to be self-indulgent.
    Now, I think this is a good thing.

    I've gotten to know so many people better from blogs. You could discover a different dimension to the person. Take the fellow Bat for instance. She writes nothing like she speaks. Which is neither a good thing NOR a bad thing. It's just a neutral observation. That just gives me a totally new way of appreciating a person.

    There are some people whom I wish would blog more...for a variety of reasons. So, in the name of all things sacred and pure, please...start a blog today. Or go update your blog. (And it wouldn't hurt to proof-read and run your blog through the spell-checker once in a while!) Then give me your links.

    (I am going to burn in hell!)

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