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    Monday, February 09, 2004

    I had lunch with someone today who told me an interesting true story. It is about her dog who has been acting weird lately. Apparently, she can't let the dog out anymore because if she does, he won't come back. And over the Chinese New Year, she found out why. Her dog has been hanging out with another dog and having doggy sex. (I wonder, when dogs actually do it missionary style, would they call is "human style" in the way we humans called it "doggy style" when it do it like dogs?)

    I digress. Anyway, the catch is, the other dog is also a male. So, it's gay doggy sex.
    My friend is quite distressed now because she doesn't know what to do. The dog is angry and violent now. She won't let it go because she doesn't think it will survive "out in the wild"...what with AIDS, the high cost of living in the city and all. And she is also not too keen on losing her dog of nine years just because he has a new boyfriend.

    I guess we all have to prepare ourselves for this sort of thing. We just have to live our lifes and say it's OK when our pets one day sit us down over breakfast and say, "You might want to sit down for this. I am gay."

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