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    Thursday, February 19, 2004

    I now know why I am sans girlfriend.

    This blog entry will mean nothing to most people. I just need to express my love to my home studio which is located at a undisclosed high security location.

    I have just upgraded my home studio. I sold my 24-channel Mackie mixer of 10 years for a miserable RM1,800. I paid about RM10k for this. It has served me well. I got a new MOTU 828mkII in its place. With 22-ins and outs capable of 96kHz 24-bit recording. I think I just ejaculated a little when I typed out the specs.

    Not only that, I also received the UAD-1 DSP card the same time I got the MOTU. Bought the UAD-1 online from I've been in awe of this card since I saw Greg's. And now I have my own. Muahahaha! Power! Again...felt a little squirt down there.

    On Monday, I will receive my new Focusrite pre-amp. Finally! A Focusrite in my home studio! I am officially moist now!

    I've stripped away most of my external gear. The whole set up looks minimal now. I love it. Although I am not sure if clients will be as impressed when they see the new set up.
    So folks, let me totally cream myself now.

    I am running Steinberg Cubase SX2 (and yes, it's licensed!) on my AMD XP 2.8gHz. One gigabyte of RAM and 200GB of SATA disk space. I have the UAD-1 DSP card and Yamaha DSP Factory. On Monday, I will have the Focusrite pre-amp in the rack. Running HALion 2, Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Absynth 2, Aturia Moog, LM4mk2, and the amazing Waves plug-ins.

    I am sending MIDI to my Roland XV5050, Akai S2800, and Alesis Quadrasynth keyboard. And listening from a pair of Alesis Monitor One Active Mk II.

    Oh...did I mention I have a funky red wireless mouse?

    I may have just shot my load in my pants!

    However, two years from now, this set up will look like stone-age gear.

    So, if you are a fellow music producing geek, particularly if you are a hot girl with a nice rack....of gear, please get in touch with me.

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