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    Saturday, February 21, 2004

    I would not consider myself a Mariah Carey fan but I went to the Mariah Carey concert last night.

    First thing I realised was that I know the words to most of her songs. What's up with that?
    Secondly, the concert blew chunks.

    Most of the songs were sung to pre-recorded music. Which means the band was there to play the slow songs and to look like they were playing the fast songs. There was one drummer, two keyboard players, and a bass player. It didn't look good.

    Part of the reason was the stupid people from the Malaysian government who said she couldn't wear what she was supposed to wear for her performance. Needless to say, my calls for her to "take it off" was futile.

    In conclusion, the concert sucked and I got fondled on the way out of the stadium. I'm just glad I didn't pay for the tickets.

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