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    Monday, February 16, 2004

    Why is it that when a Malaysian is asked to speak "good English", they some how acquire an accent?

    Take this ad on TV featuring this celebrity whom I've spoken with in person before. In this ad, he has a British accent. He does not speak like this in real life.

    The same goes for the countless number of radio announcers (for the Astro folks), radio DJs, actors, and people who hang out at Bangsar...err....Changkat Sultan Ismail Raja Chulan blah blah blah.

    Amazingly, most have never even left the country. Yet the mysterious accent. And you know it's a load of crock when they can't even get their English right.

    Me: Why do you speak like this?
    Ah Heng: Oh...pardon my slang. I got study in England for six months.

    It's accent, you butt acne. Slang is when I call you thick.

    What the cibai, man.

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