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    Monday, March 22, 2004

    The Week That Was

    Just to update you on what's been going on in my life.

    My aunt died of cancer last week. I went to the funeral in Melaka. It was tragic and I hope they find a cure for cancer soon. Or at least call it something else so it doesn't sound so frightening.

    Hung out at Alexis Bistro at GE Mall last weekend with Pam, Gab, and Jackie. (Don't you love when people drop names in their blogs and then readers go "Who?") A jazz band was playing there. The highlight of the evening was when I noticed the lovely sugar lumps. Very cool. Looked like little dried up balls of sugar. In white and brown too. So I took it home. Sugar AND bowl. Pam assisted.

    Pam, Clay, and I had dinner last night at this place behind Finnegan's at Sri Hartamas. Steamboat thing but not Chinese. Quite nice. I love when I have to work for my food. You should check it out. Very tasty.

    And my Chinese Type 3 friend told me it was "erection weekend". But I didn't register to vote. Tragic. But all them posters and banners got me into the erection fever. I was hoping they would have an erection sale. But sadly, no.

    I'm finally on Streamyx now. I've dumped my previous broadband connection from eBuildings. I hate this company. (It must be bad when a private company can make you want to switch to Telekom!) If you have a choice, avoid eBuildings at all costs which is not to say much because they overcharge anyway. The bigger surprise for me was Telekom. They were efficient, courteous and professional. I think they might actually know what they are doing.

    My hair is totally out of control. I now look like a Chia pet. I am not sure whether I want to get my hair cut. I've been wanting to see what would happen to my hair when it grows out. Going for that "Tom-Hanks-stranded-on-a-desert-island-for-3-years-look" but secretly hoping it would turn out with the "Aragon-in-his-fake-wig-in-The-Lord-Of-The-Rings" look. will be change. I like my pro-communist hair, which also doubled as a woman repellent. I was saving so much on shampoo costs and drying time.

    And that was my week.

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