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    Sunday, April 18, 2004

    Contrary to what people say, there is such thing as a stupid question.

    It's 11.54 pm on a cool Saturday night. It's been almost 36 hours since I gave myself another heart attack when I attempted to assemble and set up another Windows PC. I went to PC Fair first thing Friday morning with Gene. Got me an AMD 2000+.

    And so the drama begins.

    So cut a long story short, I fried some RAM. I did not smell good. And then I spent the next 8 hours moving and reconfiguring my hard drives between my new PC and my other PC. If someone had knocked on my door at that time and asked for a cup of sugar, I would have beaten him to a pulp.

    Having said all this, I will probably still not go for a Mac purely from a price point. So don't be giving me "Get a Mac" comments.

    Which brings me to my next point.

    I really do not understand people who say "Macs are cheap now." I think it is just a Mac user's way of justifying their purchase. Yes, Macs today cost less than what they did five years ago. However, that's like saying a RM300,00-BMW is cheap today because it was RM500,000 three years ago.

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