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    Saturday, April 24, 2004

    I may have grown up just a little bit today. Someone mentioned that I have hot female friends. When I look at it objectively, he is right. Some of my female friends do look hot. (Then again, some are not so hot.)

    Which lead me to analyse my circle of friends. Yes, they are hot. That's why they are my friends now. I had probably tried to have sex with them in the early years but that plan clearly didn't work out. So I settled for friendship and then got to know them. Eventually, they just became guys with breasts and I stop seeing them as "female", which, come to think of it now, is as disturbing as taking a shower with your mother.

    But when I really look into it, they are still hot. It is just that I've gotten to know them better, as with all people, I tend to notice their flaws as human beings. Or perhaps they have some annoying characteristic that makes me want to spit at their face. But most of the time, it's just me being a total snob because I have this allergy towards stupidity and short-sightedness. Suddenly through no fault of their own, no matter how pretty they are, they look ugly to me.

    Largely, I would say its my loss.

    But I still can't help asking why is it always the pretty ones that go back for seconds when God was handing out "attitude"?

    It's that common "She is a pretty girl but her attitude makes her ugly" situation.

    On the other hand, I also have less attractive friends. But they are nice people. And then I start to find them attractive. Which lead me to two revelations.

    1. I now understand how some men, being totally visual creatures, end up with less attractive (and let's be honest, butt-ugly) mates that makes me want to thank him for taking her off the market and;

    2. I will probably have a butt-ugly girlfriend but I will think she is the most beautiful person in the world.

    The alternative is that I somehow get a hot girl who is really a She-Satan and have her leave me when I am old, fat, and ugly.

    Why can't I have hot AND beautiful?

    Either way, I am not keen on the prospects but life is just like that.

    Therefore, from this day forward, my criteria for a potential mate is her ability to make me laugh and her TOEFL score.

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