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    Monday, April 19, 2004

    Things I Know Now

    Here are somethings life has taught me.

    1. If you put your clothes out long enough, you will eventually wear them again which will save you time folding them and putting them away. The ironing board is a good place to temporarily place your clothes.

    2. Despite looking like bomb shelter food that you think will last for a long time, they do expire: Coke, Maggi Mee, peanut butter, flour, and bottled water. Also, cheese and mayo go bad really fast.

    3. Do not pee on your plants. It might be OK when you are six years old. But when you reach 32 and take too much coffee, the ammonia gets too much. Then the plant dies.

    4. When having more than one hard drive in your PC, make sure the terminating hard drive is set to MASTER. Otherwise, things won't work and you might be frustrated enough to want to put a bullet through your computer.

    5. There are two kinds of RAM that I know of. If you force one type into a slot meant for the other type of RAM, and then you turn your PC on, you might get the smell of computer parts burning. This aroma from this tech BBQ may hang in your room for at least 24 hours.

    6. Invite people to your house more often. This may motivate you to clean your living space. And you'd be amazed at how fast you are able to do it.

    7. Putting that blue tablet thing in your toilet flush tank does not mean your toilet does not require scrubbing once in awhile.

    8. Even if you know the words to the rap of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", do NOT rap along in public. No matter what people tell you, it is not cool.

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