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    Thursday, May 13, 2004

    And in other news, Tan Ter Seeng, 20, is seeking out a career in the police force after being inspired by the "Bad Boys" movie.

    Someone should tell Tan about the RM800 per month salary and oh yeah...he doesn't get to drive a Porche or get a smart-talking black partner like Will Smith's character did in "Bad Boys".

    But you know he is going to make it seeing that he is one of the only two Chinese who applied. And look at him. He has "phuck face" written all over him. And you know he would be the type to use his badge to get girls.

    So, if the police recruitment people are reading this, don't get this guy. He is in it for the glamour. And also, I love you.

    Having said all that, I am looking at the bright side and giving thanks that he didn't decide to join the police force after watching the "Polica Academy" movies.

    Tomorrow's headlines: Local Blogger Gets Summons Backdating Ten Years After Controversial Blog Entry.

    The headline on yesterday's Star newspaper read "Tougher Laws To Fight Sex Crime." Another one: "Be Proactive In Combating Threats From Hackers." This one: "Najib: Strengthen Unity Among Youth."

    Is it me or does the newspapers have this knack for stating the obvious? Or perhaps it's their way of irreverance; stating the obvious to show that the headline makers have this knack for stating the obvious.

    Tougher laws to fight sex crimes? No way! You don't say! Be proactive in combating threats from hackers. Get out of here! Strengthen unity among youth. You don't say. But just the youth. The older ones can screw it. We don't need unity there.

    "Don’t Delay Land Application"

    Yes, since prior to this, it was delayed until they were given the directive to not delay.

    Ensure Education Premises Are Safe, Kayveas Urges Operators"

    Prior to this, education premises were minefields and death traps.

    PM: Malaysians Must Master English To Compete Globally

    No way. You think? But if you do speak English, please don't do it with that Malay accent you hear so often in radio ads. I think it's annoying and you should be shot.

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