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    Saturday, July 10, 2004

    I want to talk about something very special to me. Perhaps, misunderstood and unappreciated. I am talking about the most successful German pop duo, Modern talking.

    I managed to get my paws on Modern Talking's The Final Album: The Ultimate VCD. Yes, audio AND video all in a convenient package of two compact discs.

    One look at the track listing and I was surprised that I know so many of their songs. And man, they had a lot of songs. As with Mariah Carey songs, I somehow know the words. What's up with that?

    But the words of Modern Talking are indeed deep. It has so many levels and every man, woman, and child can learn from their wise words. It teaches us to be dependent on others ("You're My Heart, Your My Soul") but at the same time telling us that we can win if we want ("You Can Win If You Want"). Reminds us to respect members of our family ("Brother Louie") while exploring foreign society and culture ("Cheri Cheri Lady", "Geronimo's Caddilac", "China In Her Eyes", "Atlantis Is Calling" and "Last Exit To Brooklyn"). Of course, it promotes respect for women ("Sexy Sexy Lover") and world peace ("Give Me Peace On Earth").

    Let's not forget the look they had in the 80s that had Liberace accussing Modern Talking of looking too gay.

    God Bless Modern Talking.

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