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    Friday, August 27, 2004

    Bad accents is one thing. But it looks like I have a new peeve.

    I realise that Malaysians have no idea what it sounds like to speak well. To many, speaking well means speaking with an accent. Screw the grammar. As long as I have an accent (which I call "slang"), I will sound cool.

    But I digress. Now, about my new peeve.

    What's up with people who go around calling other people "babes" or "sweetie"?

    "Can you get me that dodol, sweetie?"

    "Hey babes. That is so not funny." *kiss kiss*

    Since when did we get so Euro? Or is it one too many episodes of Friends?

    Don't these Jennifer Aniston-wanna-be hacks realise how ridiculous they sound? Or maybe it's just me. It's probably just me coz I'm keepin' it real and I ain't not frontin' yo. So to all you out thur fakin' it, I'm out. Peace n respect.

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