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    Thursday, August 19, 2004

    My Prayer Answered (Sorta)

    So I wake up today and head down to Low Yat Plaza. I was really nice all morning. Didn't give the finger to that nice gentleman who cut me off on the road.

    As expected, it was the power supply. I replaced it with a really cool overpriced one. Then I bought a 120 GB external hard disk.

    Whenever I tell this story, or another story relating to computer failure, I noticed the general quick response question the other person would ask is "Did you back up your data?" My shooting-from-the-hip answer would be "Of course not you ninny. If I did, would my balls be shrinking like they are now?"

    I do backup although not often enough.

    Anyway, the past 12 hours have shortened my life by a few hours. My balls are a little smaller now. But I can't complain. I want to thank God and the Academy for my quick (and expensive) rebound.

    If anyone out there needs help in installing Windows or removing spyware, please let me know. Until then, you all have a nice day now.

    Oh Help Me Lord

    As I make this blog entry, I am praying to the Gods of the digital and spiritual world to heal my PC. Please let it be nothing more than a faulty power supply. If you heal my PC, I promise I will be a lot nicer to people and will help at least one person with the installation of Windows XP and/or help remove viruses/spyware/adware.

    Please....heal my PC. I also promise that I will get an external drive for data back up. Please heal my PC. Let things work again. PLEASE. Let all my data be there as I send my PC to the lovely men and women at Low Yat Plaza who carry out work on your behalf. Please give them the power to heal my PC.

    If you don't, I am getting a Mac. Just kidding. Please heal my PC.

    With this, I submit and await patiently. (You have 12 hours.) Let the healing begin.

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