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    Tuesday, August 24, 2004

    Nothing funny today. I just feel the need to write. Move along now. There is nothing to read.

    I actually went to bed last night before 1 am. That's a breakthrough for me. And I woke up before 9 am. Another breakthrough. (Is "breakthrough" one or two words?)

    Anyway, I was exhausted. That Ning song is done. At least I thought so until I get a call from Ning's manager, Vernon who tells me that there might be complications because one of the words used in the lyrics do not exist. So, ladies and gentlemen, the word "kotai" from the root word "kota" (as in "to fulfill") does NOT exist. There was some major drama there.

    I am so glad that Ning and the Warner people like the song enough to make it the first single! Weeeeeeeee. Not only that. Ning will be performing that song at this year's Anugerah Era and will be backed by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Funny story.

    Vernon: Hey Audi! Ning will be performing your song at Anugerah Era and she will be backed by the MPO.

    Me: What's MPO?

    Vernon: Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra la.

    Me: Shouldn't that be MPOL?

    Vernon: *brief silence* Anyway, MPO is backing Ning up and we need you to do the orchestration. Can you do it?

    Me: *restraining excitement* Oh sure. No problem.

    Vernon: Great thanks. Make sure you have the score ready.

    As I hung up, I suddenly remembered that I am musically illiterate. I don't read or write music. So, how in hell am I supposed to know how to write parts for a 150-piece orchestra? Funny right? Didn't I tell ya?

    Anyway, back to the thing with Ning in the evening. We will be doing another version of the song which I can't talk about right now. But I hope this song gets big for her. I'd hate to be known as the guy who destroyed her career by releasing my song as her first single. Tension.

    And then there's my blog entry that is making its round in the email circuit. I actually found it on a few other blogs. These people are shameless. You gotta be pretty pathetic to rip off another person's BLOG ENTRY. Go steal a car or money! But a blog entry?

    So who wants to touch me now?

    NOTE: "Orchestration" is the musical arrangement to be played by an orchestra ie what the cellos play, what the violin plays etc. It is not conducting.

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