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    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    Every other month or so, I get a wild hair up my butt and I go grocery shopping. I will load up and go nuts with fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of meat products, milk, and Vitagen. My inside of my fridge looks like a promo photo for the fridge's brochure. Give it a week or two, it will still look like that promo photo...only now, someone wiped his ass with that brochure after a severe case of diahrea. (Right now you're thinking, was that necessary?!)

    It's that time of the month and I went grocery shopping. As usual, I ask myself this very question whenever I shop for myself. I've thought of this many times before and am still wondering why hasn't anyone done this.

    A grocery store for single people.

    I live by myself. I am not feeding an army. I do not need 15 bananas to rippen all at once and then feel the pressure to eat all of them and go on a pottasium-high. I just want three bananas just to keep me regular.

    So, why can't we have a store that sells perishables in smaller portions?

    Bread by the slice. Half the orange juice. Half that head of lettuce. Half the bottle of wine. And they won't look at you funny when you ask for three slices of bacon, or ask for one chicken thigh, or three bananas.

    Somebody....please. They can help?

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